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Art Basel Miami Prep: Four Veterans of the Fair Share Their Packing Lists and Itineraries

Vogue Culture

December 5th, 2012

For those in the art world, the precision of an Art Basel Miami Beach itinerary usually verges on that of a military operation. It is, needless to say, essential to strategize appropriately. Deciding what to wear, where to eat, who to meet, and when to sneak in a moment on the beach are given almost as much thought as the week’s primary question: what art to see. For these four young professionals, planning, however, can only go so far. At the end of the day, art world operators have to pack what will best allow them to think on their well-heeled feet.

What to Bring:

Dresses by Maria Cornejo, Prabal Gurung T-shirts (the best!), gold Cartier sunglasses, my Hermès notepad in the color blue jean . . .  and the requisite “family size” bottle of Advil.

Where to Be:

Gagosian Gallery and Blum & Poe will be my initial stops this year during First Choice, then a visit or two to the De la Cruz collection, which is always inspiring, followed by a coveted standing dinner reservation at Casa Tua. And hopefully I’ll have a quiet moment of pool time at the SLS Hotel.

What to Bring Back:

I’m looking forward to picking up a pair of Alaïa booties and a very cool arctic-white patent leather Chanel bag I currently have on hold with Sofia at the Webster—however, Art Basel is truly about having access to great art!